Interested in a sponsor swap??  I sure am:)

A sponsor swap is a great way for those of us new (or newish?) to the blogging world.  This allows us to develop a network, meet fellower bloggers and gain exposure to our blogs.

Here is what is included when you swap with me:

- Your ad/button will run on my side bar for the entire month.
- One Individual Sponsor Spotlight - no one but you will be highlighted.
And, if you are interested....
- I am also open to you writing a guest post or participate in a blogger interview.

If a Sponsor Swap sounds like something that you may be interested in, I'd love hear from you! 

email:  jessiestreetdesigns(at)gmail.com
etsy:  http://www.jessiestreetdesigns.etsy.com/

Hope to hear from you soon,

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